Why Us

Those who turn to a private investigator have thoughts to share, a secret to tell, a problem to solve. Doubts and uncertainties for which customers need in-depth information regarding situations that are often personal and delicate.

Toro Investigazioni is an investigations institution consisting of a team of specialists whose approach is based on confidentiality, sensitivity, thoroughness, perseverance, timeliness and years of experience, quality acquired over time by our selected operating workforce.

The in-depth analysis of a problem allows adopting a proper operational strategy to reach a solution. The legal competence underlying our company policy is the added value of every investigation claim that we examine: the purpose is to act with absolute legality and propose concrete results.

The timeliness with which the operating units and information channels are activated throughout the country and internationally, allows us to be present anywhere within a short time.

The goal of Toro Investigazioni is to obtain evidence that can be produced legally to protect a right in court. The technique and operational strategy are shared with the best law firms for maximum client satisfaction.

Our institute operates through a specific investigation license issued by the Prefecture and uses accredited collaborators regularly reported to the competent authorities and ethically professional.

Toro Investigazioni is associated with Federpol and W.A.D., the most recognized and authoritative associations in Italy and in the world.


The Company Mission

“The Mission of Toro Investigazioni e Sicurezza Srl is to operate in a context where transparency and ethics are at the basis of any existing relationship with our clients, even before it becomes such. This Investigation Institute strictly and consistently complies with laws in force in each context in which it operates. All procedures fully comply with the directives of the Law on Privacy and Data Protection, the Civil Code, the Criminal Code, the TULPS


The most important asset of our Investigation Institute consists of our collaborators and operational partners, people chosen for their practical and proactive approach to work, their passion for the investigations, their ethics and integrity.

The staff of this company adhere to a   Code of Ethics   which enshrines the principles of transparency, reliability and fairness in the conduct of the services provided by Toro Investigazioni e Sicurezza Srl.

Toro Investigazioni e Sicurezza srl is a member of FEDERPOL, the Italian most distinguished Private Investigation and Security Federation

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In 2016 Toro Investigazioni has successfully managed 208 cases