Aerial reconnaissance with drones

During the most delicate investigations, when "observing without being seen"
becomes crucial, modern technology replaces the eye of the investigator. Our Investigation Agency is able to perform inspections, photo-reconnaissance and aerial observation activities using the so-called UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle),
commonly known as "drones".

aerial reconnaissance with drones

Thanks to the collaboration of ENAC fully qualified pilots, our Investigation Agency is able to use extremely silent professional multi-rotor drones, which, thanks to a GPS driven auto-pilot, are able to automatically fly over a predetermined point. The drones are equipped with high-definition digital cameras, laser rangefinders, optical zoom and thermal imaging viewers, connected in real time with the operators on the ground. By using  drones our Agency is able to give an important contribution to the operational activities of observation and investigation, in full compliance with existing laws.

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