Security Management

Risk Assessment, Data Leak Prevention, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Tests


Security Management

Through the application of the most modern techniques for risk analysis, management and control, Toro Investigazioni e Sicurezza offers a highly specialized consultancy service to prevent damage to property, theft, fraud, disclosure of information of the client company, ensuring company security in its broadest form.

Toro Investigazioni e Sicurezza provides specialized consultancy in Company Security Management. Our Institute relies on the support of highly skilled professionals, certified according to UNI 10459/95, that apply the most modern tools for analysis, assessment and development of countermeasures in physical, technological and organizational terms, conceiving a real project of comprehensive security and specifically tailored to client requirements.

Company security for Toro Investigazioni e Sicurezza thus means analyzing, predicting, preventing and dealing with all the risks associated with non-competitive events (often illegal, and among these mostly intentional) by third parties or employees against tangible and intangible assets and the people who constitute the reason and guarantee of competitiveness of the client company, in the short and long term.

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In 2016 Toro Investigazioni has successfully managed 208 cases