Stalking Stalking, harassment, oppression, abuses

Investigations aimed at the protection of victims of harassment and identification of the "persecutor".

Stalking, harassment, oppression, abuses

Case: Articles 610-612 bis Criminal Code

Toro Investigazioni offers victims of harassment, oppression and abuse, a personalized service of investigations with the aim of identifying the “persecutor” responsible for the harassment. The objective is to mitigate said illegal conduct.

Moreover, the development of technology has led to the need to focus on a new dimension of harassment by technological means such as the Internet and targeted primarily at minors. Not just bullying and pedophilia but also cyberbullying and cyber-pedophilia.

In particular, our investigation institute deals with protecting those who are victims of repeated attempts of intrusion in private or public life (stalking, verbal or written communication, persecution…), trying to identify the stalker.

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In 2016 Toro Investigazioni has successfully managed 208 cases